Meet our Pastor

From Harvest Time Ministries

The First Family of Harvest Time Ministries

The Joyner family began on December 14, 1991 when then Bro. Gregory D. Joyner of Islandton, SC. married Sis. Shelia S. Solomon of Hampton, SC. To this union one child was added, Antonio Joyner (3/86), who resides in New Jersey and three children were born; Alexis (11/93), Marcus (2/95) and Brandon (8/96). The Joyner family lived in North Augusta, SC until August, 1994 when they moved into their current home in Evans, Ga.

Gregory (Greg) believes in the sanctity of the home. His priority structure consists of God first, then the family and last but not least, the local church. His passion is to teach and preach the Word but enjoys worshipping God even the more. His motto is “I’m just trying to help somebody”. He is currently employed by Savannah River Nuclear Solutions; LLC at Savannah River Site.

Shelia is very family oriented and loves spending quality time with her family. She loves to cook and when she has time she enjoys baking. Shelia is a true worshipper at heart and embraces good teaching and preaching of the Word. She is currently employed by MCG Health Inc.

Alexis enjoys playing basketball, running track and hanging out with her friends. Marcus enjoys playing football, basketball and playing video games. Brandon enjoys the social life at school, church, home or where ever he is. They are all typical young people but they love the Lord.

Greg Joyner accepted the Lord as his personal saviour and was baptized in water and the Spirit (which constitutes the new birth) in 1980. He was ordained as a Deacon in 1993 and was then known as the “Preaching Deacon”. He acknowledged his call into the ministry in 1997 and preached his first official sermon on April 12, 1998. That same year God spoke to Minister Joyner about the call to pastor as well. God confirmed the call through three different prophets as he guided his preparation for the calling on his life. In January 1999 he started theological training in the Beacon University system home based in Columbus, Ga. Since 1999 Greg Joyner has earned his Bachelor of Theology (2001), Master of Theology (2003) and Master of Divinity (2006) degrees. Greg Joyner served as the senior Elder at Bethel Community Church of Augusta Ga. from 2005 – 2007. Pastor Joyner and his family were officially released from Bethel on July 1, 2007 to start a ministry. In August 2007 Pastor Joyner graduated Magna Cum Laude from Beacon University with his earned Doctorate of Ministry degree. He now serves as Founder and Senior Pastor of Harvest Time Ministries, Inc. and is a licensed minister through PAW, Inc.